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Customer Service

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If you find a direct competitor offering the same product as us at a better price, we invite our customers to request a price match by contacting us prior to purchase, with a direct link to the competitor website.  We will validate the offer meets our standard price match criteria before we can consider the competitors offer to be valid.

For an offer to be valid:-

The competitor must be a 'direct' competitor - and by this we mean they must be a seller of the same product range we sell, and cannot be an auction-site or general goods megastore such as eBay or Amazon.  This also excludes wholesalers, stock clearances, or the resale of purchased bankrupt stock.

The competitor must be a properly established limited company registered in the UK for a period of at least 24 months prior to the offer being promoted online. 
The competitor must be VAT registered in the UK.

The competitor must offer the same services for the product in question that we are able to offer.

The product being offered by a competitor must be identical in make, model, and any applicable size and finish options, and must include the same service offerings we offer along with the product.  

The product being offered by a competitor must be available for purchase and delivery at the time we check the competitor's offering. 

The product being offered cannot be part of a bundle or special deal that is not available for the product individually.

The price quoted must be publicly available to all customers without the use of gift cards, voucher codes or discount coupons.

If we are able to validate the competitor's offer we will check our buying prices, and if necessary may have to contact the manufacturer so please be patient while we do what we can to get you the best price possible.   If we are then able to match or beat the competitor's offer, we will let you know as soon as possible.   Occasionally we may be unable to match the competitor's offer.  If this is the case, we will always notify you of this.

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