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Loox LED 2016 Flexible 5m RGB Colour Strip Light Kits

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The Loox LED 2016 Flexible 5m RGB Colour Strip Light Kits are perfect for bringing a bit of colour and fun to the home or business. These are actually excellant alternatives to paint; If you have 2 children sharing a room, who can't seem to agree on a colour, install RGB colour lights which display multiple colours; Really simple to install. Self-adhesive... Read more »

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Version: 1x RGB flexible strip light kit
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Version: 2x RGB flexible strip light kit
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The Loox LED 2016 Flexible 5m RGB Colour Strip Light Kits are perfect for bringing a bit of colour and fun to the home or business. These are actually excellant alternatives to paint; If you have 2 children sharing a room, who can't seem to agree on a colour, install RGB colour lights which display multiple colours;

Really simple to install. Self-adhesive backing.
You can either purchase a kit with 1 Flexible RGB strip light or 2 Flexible RGB Strip Lights

Kit consists of:
- 1 or 2 x Loox Multi-colour LED 2016 RGB Flexible Strip Light - 12V/36W
- 1 or 2 x Loox 12V RGB Colour Mixer - 30W
- 1 x Remote Control
- 1 x Black Loox LED Driver constant voltage - 12V, 0-30W
- 1 x Loox mains lead with UK Moulded Plug - 2000mm

- Written by Jack


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Main photo of Loox LED 2016 Flexible 5m RGB Colour Strip Light Kits

Loox LED 2016 Flexible 5m RGB Colour Strip Light Kits

Hey, guys. My name's Darrel and I'm head of the tech team here at LocksOnline. Thanks for taking some time to tune in and have a look at some of our product reviews.
Now today I want to talk to you about some LED lighting that we have on our sister site, is more designed around architectural development and products, etc., architectural ironmongery, and parts that can be used in kitchens and display units and so forth. So our LED lighting range, which is absolutely massive, we've got hundreds of items and different types of display lights on there, is ideally suited for this type of mood lighting and these types of effects that people are trying to get with regards to having different colours. This one is no different. This particular type of system that I have right here in front of you will actually give you all the colours of the rainbow. So absolutely fantastic piece of kit.
So let's actually look at the LED strip first, and then we'll go through all the different products just to explain to you how it all works and how it all gets put together. So, this is the type of LED light, as you can see here now. So what we have, is it's actually on a strip, and the strip is actually self-adhesive. You can see the 3M sticker on the back there. So, you peel this off and you can stick this wherever you want to actually position it. Now, you can actually stick it, itself, directly on to the substrate that you want to use, or we do have a range of different types of colours and slides, etc. that will allow you to set that into it, should you want to have a little bit more exposed and a little bit more ornate as well.
Now, depending on how much length you want, you need to sit down and work up the maths between what the length is and the size of the transformer. But you do have the ability, I don't know if you can zoom in there, but every single one of these units here you can cut depending on what length you want. So you can't cut anywhere in the middle, but you can cut at these little gold places here. So depending on where you want it to sit, you're able to then cut then depending on where you want to go. So that's the idea behind it. As I said, there are types of covers, etc. There are dome covers, flat covers, professional lens covers, etc. that allows you to fit to that.
So what else do you need to get this all to work? Well you need a controller. This is actually a remote controller. It works then with this receiver unit that sits here. So you need to be able to use this to operate these particular type of lights, and the beauty with this device here, if we take it out of its holder there, this particular device here allows you to alter this fitting here to be able to get all the colours of the rainbow. You can switch it on and off there, and then you've got also then some variances here on the sides that allow you then for it to filter through different types of patterns etc.
So when you actually go and get this strip, it comes with a fitting unit here, like that, that allows you then to fit it onto this plug assembly. On the end of that then, that gets plugged into this distribution unit here. As you can see, it allows you up to four units of four different lengths off that particular distribution unit.
So what I'm going to do now is just going to spend a couple of minutes here and going to try and plug it all together. I'm going to try and be brave and do it in real time on the camera here. And hopefully,8 touch wood, get it right the first time. So what you need to look at first of all is that you need to be able to see that the positive wire on here, I don't know if you can zoom in really close here, but you'll see that there's a positive icon just there. Maybe it's just too small, but what you need to make sure, is that positive goes onto the red dot here. It's in the instructions, so you'll be able to see it quite clear. So sit down, spend a couple of minutes, and read those instructions first.
Now what I do then is I actually slide that in underneath there like that, if I can get that in there. I'll try, like I said, and see if I can do it real time on the camera here. And get that into there like that. It's quite fiddly when you first try it. There you go. That's now in there, and you would just move that over then and clamp that down. Then you would then turn around then and pop this unit here, push it into here like that. So I'll slide that into there like that. There you go. That's that done. Then I plug this into here, like that. And there you go. We've now got it straightly powered up. And as you can see, it's actually changing all the colours there now as we're talking about it.
So I'm now in a position where I can actually switch this off, switch it on. There you go. Simple as that. I can actually turn around and change its colour, yeah. So obviously that's all of that red, green and blue, which as we all know, when you're emanating red, green and blue, it actually produces the colour white. Then as I slide through the different colours here, these all change then to emanate the overall ambiance of what you're trying to achieve.
Now, this particular light fitting here. This particular switch here allows you just to go through all of the different displays of all the different colours of the rainbow. And it actually moves into one colour to the next. It's quite smooth in its flow, whereas this one here is a bit more on and off, etc.
So that's how it would all be fitted together. So it looks a bit of a mess here, but a little five minutes and all, strip it all down, look at how you're going to lay it, sit it underneath what you're wanting to display, etc. And within a very, very short space of time, you're going to actually get this and it's going to absolutely look wonderful. And I'm sure that if you have this in you're kitchen or in your units, etc., then I'm sure you're friends will be wanting the same really fairly soon.
So there you go. It's as simple as that. Switch it on. Switch it off. And of course then this remote can be remote for more than this. You can have it up on the wall in the little fixing here. Sit it up there, pop that into there like that, and then you have the ability to switch it on and off there.
So there you go, guys. So just to recap, if you're thinking that this is what you want to be looking at, if you're thinking that, "Well this is just absolutely ideal what I want to try and achieve," you need to get yourself the RGB lighting strip. It's self-adhesive. You can fit it on. It's not waterproof. You've got to be mindful of that. You don't want to put splashes all over it. You can either put it in one of the covers that we have, our length of aluminium tubes, etc., with some lenses and stuff on it. That was on display on our website. You then need to get yourself a controller, and then you need to get yourself a transformer and a power lead. Once you've got all of that, you can have exactly what you see here, and it can be in your house, fitted in a matter of moments. So there you go.
But listen, if you need a bit of more information or you've got a project and you're wanting to just make sure it's 100% right, by all means, pop us over an email, use the telephone, give us a call. We have a live chat system on our website. It's totally free and you can speak to me or any of the guys in the sales or the tech team during our working hours. You can have a chat with us and we'll talk you through all of the pros and cons of this system or any other system. But in the mean time, have a look at the whole range that we have on our website. It's absolutely massive. There's well over hundreds of different type of LED fittings for different types of applications.
So come on aboard. Have a chat with us. We love to hear from you, and love to see you as a customer. Thank you very much. Take care. Catch up with you real soon. Bye-bye now.

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