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Multi-Functional Cleaning, Lubricating & Anti-Corrosion Spray

  • From Only: £6.05 £5.26 + VAT

• High-quality universal spray with 8-fold action:- 1. rust dissolver- 2. lubricant- 3. cleaner- 4. water-repellent- 5. penetrating oil- 6. corrosion-resistant- spray- 8. shock spray• Lubricates• Protects• Rust and corrosion-resistant• Water-repellant• Removes dirt and grease• Cooling and shrinking effect (shock spray)• Silicone... Read more »

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8-in-1 Multi-Functional Cleaning & Anti-Corrosion Lubricant Spray (1 Piece)
£6.05 + VAT
£5.26 + VAT
(£6.31 inc VAT)

• High-quality universal spray with 8-fold action:
- 1. rust dissolver
- 2. lubricant
- 3. cleaner
- 4. water-repellent
- 5. penetrating oil
- 6. corrosion-resistant
- spray
- 8. shock spray
• Lubricates
• Protects
• Rust and corrosion-resistant
• Water-repellant
• Removes dirt and grease
• Cooling and shrinking effect (shock spray)
• Silicone free
• For in and outdoor use
• Aerosol can be used at any angle (360°)
• To be used on screws, bolts, nuts, moving parts, axles, hinges, chains, garden tools, etc.
• Is corrosion-resistant. Has a penetrating action and a protective film remains after cleaning
• Does not corrode plastics and metals . Prolongs the life of rubbers
• 400 ml can


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