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Gira Smoke Alarm Devices

Gira Smoke Alarm Devices

The Gira range of smoke alarm devices are one of the best in its market when it comes to smoke alarm devices. Designed with two methods of detection, smoke and heat, it has a built in processer to determine whether there is cause for concern. If cooking, you can temporarily turn off one part of the alarm so that it does not bother you. However, it will still carry on searching for heat and will still sound an alarm in cause of a fire. Have a browse through our Gira Smoke Alarm Devices here.

Heated mirror pad

Heated mirror pad

• 230V• Rated IP44• Self-adhesive pad, fits behind most mirrors• Wire into lighting circuit or dedic..

Prices From: £25.88 + VAT

Gira radio module for smoke alarm device

Gira radio module for smoke alarm device

• Radio module for wireless connection of modular smoke and heat detectors/Q• Up to 10 radio modules..

Prices From: £63.31 + VAT

Gira smoke alarm device and base

Gira smoke alarm device and base

• Conforms to EN 14604• Smoke and heat detector device, dual/Q• Overall dimensions: Ø 125 x 48 mm• C..

Prices From: £68.90 + VAT

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