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Anti-Slip Rubber Mats

Anti-Slip Rubber Mats

Designed for all weather conditions, we have a range of Anti Slip Rubber Mats. These are designed to stay in place while you rub your feet across the surface. Being Anti-Slip, it stops the rubber mats from moving to prevent injury. It is also designed for you to brush off any dirt that has accumulated on your shoes, while the met itself is easy to wash. Check out the full range of Anti Slip Rubber Mats here.

Grooved drawer mat

Grooved drawer mat

• Width: 500 mm• Length: 2.2 m• Grooved surface, 1.5 mm thick polystyrene..

Prices From: £17.05 + VAT

Light Grey Rubber Insert Mats

Light Grey Rubber Insert Mats

• 1 mm thick, 500 mm wide• Light grey ‘Nap finish’ rubber..

Prices From: £62.70 + VAT

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