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Allen Keys, Hex Keys & Torx Keys

Allen Keys, Hex Keys & Torx Keys

Everyone is familiar with allen keys, the hexagonal-headed keys often found in flat-pack furniture and other self-assembly home furnishings. However, they do have a much broader spectrum of use, and have siblings such as Torx keys, which are in essence the same thing, only with a Torx head instead of the hexagonal one we're all used to. These have a wide range of uses, from mechanical uses such as machine screws right through to simple fixings which aren't supposed to be removed by your average user equipt with typical tool sets not containing things like Torx drives.

Pocket Allen Key Multitool (7-Pieces)

Pocket Allen Key Multitool (7-Pieces)

• In plastic casing • Pocket-sized • 7 pieces • Consists of:   - 1 x SW2   - 1 ..

Prices From: £17.16 + VAT

SW10 hex key

SW10 hex key

• For use with Häfele Maxi flap fittings• For load bearing capacity adjustment• Plastic..

Prices From: £0.65 + VAT

Magic Ring® TORX Key Set (7-Pieces)

Magic Ring® TORX Key Set (7-Pieces)

• For all TORX® screw applications • MagicRing® made from stainless steel holds TORX® s..

Prices From: £22.19 + VAT

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