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Aluflex profile accessories

Aluflex profile accessories

These aluflex profile accessories are part of our cover caps range and come as a pack of 100 pieces. They offer the following features which will hopefully suit your purpose:

• Bar profile , for subdividing door panel, silver anodised aluminium
• Fixing clips for bar profile, white plastic
• Clip-on profiles, for stabilisation and as clatter prevention for inserted glass or timber panel, transparent plastic
• Design bar profile, to give appearance of subdividing panels, glue fixing, silver anodised aluminium
• Wall connection profile, for vertical connection to wall or mounting of a fixed element, screw fixing, silver anodised aluminium
• Cover plug, for plug fitting into drill hole in vertical frame profile, silver coloured plastic
• SPAX pan head screw with Pozi bit head, Ø 4.5 x 35 mm, for profile assembly, galvanised steel

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Item Code Stock Available Description Pack Price Quantity
018.20.153 pending Aluflex profile accessories (018.20.153) - SPAX pan head screw, Ø 4.5 x 35 mm 100 Pieces £3.70 (exc. VAT)
4.44 inc. VAT)

403.50.960 pending Aluflex profile accessories (403.50.960) - Fixing clips for bar profile 1 Piece £0.47 (exc. VAT)
0.56 inc. VAT)

403.50.970 pending Aluflex profile accessories (403.50.970) - Cover plug 1 Piece £0.07 (exc. VAT)
0.08 inc. VAT)

403.52.915 pending Aluflex profile accessories (403.52.915) - Bar profile, 1.5 m 1 Piece £19.06 (exc. VAT)
22.87 inc. VAT)

403.53.915 pending ********DISCONTINUED******** 1 Piece £17.00 (exc. VAT)
20.40 inc. VAT)

403.56.915 pending Aluflex profile accessories (403.56.915) - Clip-on profile for 6 mm thick glass panel, 1.5 m 1 Piece £7.93 (exc. VAT)
9.52 inc. VAT)

403.56.930 pending ********DISCONTINUED******** 1 Piece £15.64 (exc. VAT)
18.77 inc. VAT)

403.79.915 pending ********DISCONTINUED******** 1 Piece £5.99 (exc. VAT)
7.19 inc. VAT)

403.79.930 pending ********DISCONTINUED******** 1 Piece £11.97 (exc. VAT)
14.36 inc. VAT)

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Specification Drawing

View larger specification of the Aluflex profile accessories

Information Sheet

Download information about the Aluflex profile accessories  Download information about the Aluflex profile accessories (116.58 KB)
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